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    Originally posted by TK27 View Post
    Hey guys I wasn't sure where to put the post I'm about to make so I made this thread. More than once I have wanted to make a general post about the Isles but it just didn't fit with any particular thread. So that is basically what I am putting in here.

    About 10 to 15 games ago I decided to give myself a challenge and figure out why we have such bad 2nd periods. I put 100% of my focus in to 2nd periods especially when we were getting trapped in our own end. Even after the game I would go back to the tape to analyze what was getting us in to so much trouble. It was pretty eye opening to me. You may or may not agree with my theories but here is what I have come up with.

    This first point to me is very prominent. When playing in the 2nd period we want to take the same length of shifts that we do in the 1st and 3rd. Many, many times I have seen our guys going back in to our end to defend when they still have about 50% of their energy left. Many times they have had the opportunity to make a change but they don't because they still feel good still having 50% of their energy left. The problem happens as soon as we get trapped that 50% depletes in a hurry as we are chasing the opposition around. Then we are in trouble!

    I have actually come to the conclusion that this is by design by our opposition. I have seen more than one team do this to us. First off every team in the NHL knows what the Islanders are going to do. They know the Isles will give you the outside but not the inside. So with this knowledge they just start circling the entire zone by either skating it or passing it. Now Isles player are doing a ton of chasing and starts and stops which really zaps the energy. They do this a few times and then they start cycling their guys off for a change and as they hit the blueline they do the little drop pass to the dman and are now basically 10 feet from their bench. Boom fresh guy on the ice. They do this until they pretty much have changed the entire line.

    Now by this point knowing the Isles won't leave their inside pentagon and probably now can't because their energy level is at zero. So here we are! Our guys with no energy and the new guys at 90%. It is now a piece of cake to get inside on the Isles.

    I know myself as a player when I was at 50% energy level. So they have no excuse not know how quickly that last 50% can evaporate. Oh ya the last 50% depletes at a much faster rate than the 1st 50% does.

    Occasionally and what I mean is rarely the Isles will do this to other teams. Not often! But in most of our games we are getting caught with dead skaters 4 to 5 times in the 2nd period which you simply just can't do!

    Another one and I have brought this up in the GDT's is that every single dman uses that pin the puck to the boards and reverse. They are doing this when they have an easy out by just keep skating! So once again we are getting pinned in our end. This point applies to all 3 periods. When it works it looks great however it is only working about maybe 1 out of 4 times. Once again the other teams know we are going to do this! So they play it accordingly.

    So I'm not sure if you agree or disagree with my conclusions. But for my deep dive in to this ............ well it is what I came up with???????????
    The one game I've watched this year, I fell asleep. Is this still a problem this season?
    "We’re all buying in. There’s pride about being an Islander.”


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      New York Islanders' Richard Panik Wins Calder Cup

      The Islanders loaned Panik to the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. The Wolves are the AHL affiliate for the Carolina Hurricanes. The Wolves have recently won the AHL championship and Panik was a big part of the success. Panik played 11 regular season games for the Wolves, recording two goals and five assists.

      In the playoffs, Panik elevated his game and contributed six goals and five assists in sixteen games. In the Finals, Panik recorded a point in all five contests and a goal in four straight games.

      The veteran winger has one year left on his contract with a cap hit of $1.375 million.
      "We’re all buying in. There’s pride about being an Islander.”


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        I have to admit they did a nice job with this design. I am still not buying anything but if there was not the history I probably would.

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          Day to day. Yeah, sure.

          Lane Lambert says Kyle Palmieri and Cal Clutterbuck are skating on their own. ..

          Adam Pelech, Semyon Varlamov and Simon Holmstrom are not skating. Lambert would not get into seriousness of Holmstrom's injury, which looked bad. Same with Varlamov. All listed as day to day.


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            Originally posted by mw147 View Post
            Wasn’t Pelech day to day a few years back and nearly died? Just saying.
            "We’re all buying in. There’s pride about being an Islander.”


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              Originally posted by Tjay View Post

              Wasn’t Pelech day to day a few years back and nearly died? Just saying.
              I remember that. This is clearly a concussion. Back when I had concussions it was treated so much differently. I've now been through it with my one son 3 times and it's very different. You have to wait it out until you have no symptoms for 2 days in a row. Then you do some exercise to get your heart rate up and if that doesn't bring on any symptoms for 2 days in a row, you are cleared.

              Apparently he must still be having symptoms.


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                NYI is WAY too much represented on this list (Randy Boyd, Jean Potvin, Boss and Jethro)
                The hockey community was hit hard in 2022 with the deaths of a beloved Montreal Canadiens icon and one of the most electrifying players in NHL history, two-thirds of "The Trio Grande" line from the New York Islanders dynasty seasons of the 1980s and a pioneer who helped change the perception of players from Sweden.


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                  Rooting for a perennial losing team like the New York Islanders is preparation for all the other losses that life can bring.


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                    Putting NY Rangers in the same sentence as the Yankees and Giants makes no sense. They've won 1 championship in the last 80 years, so how are they elitist? The fans act like they are the Yankees, the writers wax poetically like they are the Canadians but in reality historically they are barely Tampa. Islanders and Devils have upstaged them but do not get the credit or have had the financial resources that would have relegated that franchise to the hapless moniker it truly deserves.


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                      Day to day. OK, sure.

                      #Isles    announce RW Simon Holmstrom is day to day with a lower-body injury and has been placed on injured reserve retro to Dec. 23.
                      RW Oliver Wahlstrom out indefinitely with a lower-body injury and has been placed on IR retro to Dec. 27


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                        She went to the Coli from 2010-2014 and complains of cigarette smoke???

                        Smoking inside was banned looonnnggg before 2010.

                        The 80's were a different story... You can see the smoke hanging in the air

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Good news about Holmstrom

                          Lane Lambert says Simon Holmstrom has resumed skating back in NY. Oliver Wahlstrom is not skating. Lambert says plan is for Adam Pelech to resume skating “soon.”


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                            #Isles    announce D Robin Salo and C Aatu Raty sent to Bridgeport (AHL)


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                              Originally posted by mw147 View Post

                              #Isles    announce D Robin Salo and C Aatu Raty sent to Bridgeport (AHL)
                              It makes sense.


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                                Originally posted by gazaroog View Post

                                It makes sense.
                                Until Pelech is ready it's risky to roll with 6 dmen. I guess while we are on this home stand they can get someone from Bridgeport quickly.