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  • Infractions

    Infractions will be given for inappropriate behavior. Each infraction will be 5 points. Multiple infractions can be issued for the same post. Warnings can also be given that will not accrue points. Infractions will expire in 15, 30 or 60 days depending on the infraction. A total of 20 accumulated points will result in an automatic 2 week ban from the board. Repeated offenses can result in a longer or even permanent ban from the board, which will be completely at the discretion of the moderating team.
    • SPAM - Worthless posts with no content or nonsensical posts are spam. A spam infraction will expire in 15 days.
    • OFF TOPIC - posts that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread they are posted in are off topic. An off topic infraction will expire in 15 days.
    • ADS - solicitations to buy, sell, or trade products or services, or links to do the same are not allowed. An ad infraction will expire in 15 days.
    • OFFENSIVE POSTS - no NSFW (not safe for work) posts are allowed. This is defined as anything most people would not want their boss, parents, or teachers to see. This includes but is not limited to pornographic or other sexually oriented material, profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, or any other content the moderators may deem offensive. Offensive post infractions will expire in 30 days.
    • TROLLING - posts that are made with the primary intent of starting an argument or dispute. Disagreement is not considered trolling. We encourage spirited debate. We do not permit demeaning, insulting, or offensive posts. Trolling infractions will expire in 30 days.
    • COPYRIGHT ABUSE - anything you find on line should be assumed to be copyrighted. You must post a link to any article, blog, etc. that you may wish to discuss. You can also post a relevant portion of the article, but not the entire article. Posting links to illegal game streams is not allowed and will also incur a copyright abuse infraction. Copyright abuse infractions will expire in 30 days.
    • THREAD HIJACKING - posts are to be relevant to the topic of the thread in which they are posted. Off topic posts may be deleted or moved to a more appropriate thread at the discretion of the moderators. Repeated violations will result in an infraction. Thread hijacking infractions will expire in 30 days.
    • FLAMING - posts that mock, harass, threaten, or belittle other members are flaming, as are personal attacks. Disagree with the post; do not flame the poster. Flaming infractions will expire in 30 days.
    • MODERATOR ABUSE - attacking anyone on the moderating team is moderator abuse. If you disagree something a moderator does let us know in a PM or e-mail, and do it politely. Do not attack a moderator in any thread. Attacking or flaming a moderator in a PM will also be considered moderator abuse. Moderator abuse infractions will expire in 60 days.
    • DISCLOSING PRIVATE INFORMATION - every member is entitled to privacy. Do not disclose any member's real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, or any other personal information. Do not post PMs, infractions, e-mails, bans, or any other site discipline on the board. Do not bring personal disputes on to the board. Disclosing private information infractions will expire in 60 days.
    • LIBEL - posting unsubstantiated rumors about any player, prospect, hockey personnel, or board member is libel. Any information that can be considered defamatory must be accompanied by a link to a credible source. Personal web sites and other forums are not considered credible sources. Libel infractions will expire in 60 days.
    • ETHNIC/RACIAL/GENDER SLURS - will not be tolerated, even if made in jest. Ethnic/racial/gender slurs will expire in 60 days.

    To report any post that violates the rules, click on the "flag post" button within the post and give a brief description of the rule being violated. Do not post about the violation in the forum. Reports will be confidential, as will the action the moderators take. Please do not expect a reply.
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